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A Happier, Healthier You

Individual Therapy

Are you feeling down or stuck?  Is fear or worry getting in the way? Therapy can offer us a sense of freedom from our suffering.  When we cultivate a deeper self understanding we can develop more effective ways to meet life's challenges and live our lives with more satisfaction.

Tools for Life

Stress Management

Stress in life is guaranteed, suffering is optional.  How we relate to stress can largely impact the quality of our experience.  We can learn to do stress better by increasing awareness, connecting with others in meaningful ways, effectively managing our time, setting boundaries, and incorporating healthy coping strategies.


Wellness Coaching

Coaching can help get you to the the next level.  Sessions focus on your ideas, motivation, values, strengths, and actions that will move you toward your goals.

Discover a Deeper Level of Presence

Mindfulness Training

We are reading about the benefits of mindfulness practices every day.  All over the world, leading medical centers, schools, and business are implementing mindfulness programs into patient care, stress management, education,staff development and training.

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